Urban furniture project: CITYSCAPE collection for Les Pennes Mirabeau (France)

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Preliminary study, design and furnishings: these are the fundamental elements of an urban furniture project


The term urban furniture project refers to that particular design and study process useful for equipping urban public spaces with fixed and mobile elements, functional and not, which should be included in a coordinated image of the city.

The public space becomes the subject of study for the TrackDesign technical office which, following the request to reorganize an external area of the French town Les Pennes Mirabeau, faced the need for interventions that adapt the urban spaces of the place to the taste of who governs those spaces and lives them also through the furnishings.

Hence the need to make effective choices that respond to a specific urban redevelopment project.

Urban furniture elements: CITYSCAPE collection


With regard to street furniture, each municipality tends to collect and regulate in a single text indications, types and generically defined elements of 'street furniture' applicable or usable in its territory. The CITYSCAPE collection for street furniture created and idealized by our company has immediately conquered and in some way conditioned the choice of those who at that precise moment should have been looking for unique elements that deal with the guarantee of functionality in a large traffic area.

With the "CITYSCAPE furnishes Les Pennes Mirabeau" project, we found ourselves reflecting on all aspects related to design in relation to public spaces, taking into account urban lighting, signage and all the elements placed in the urban context in which they would be installed our corten steel furnishings for the urban sector.

In this way, architecture, planning, design and functionality have merged in an ideal way to the objective context with the aim of emphasizing the aesthetic function and the planning of space by creating pedestrian paths, rest areas, passage restrictions and, on the contrary, invitations and obligations to follow preordained paths through the use and arrangement of corten steel barriers.

The CITYSCAPE collection for street furniture is made up of various elements, each with very different characteristics and intended uses. For example, the corten steel barriers that show the emblematic carvings of the collection are essential to contextualize the environment, to delimit spaces and to make circulation places safer.


Another example are the Corten steel bicycle racks. The products have been designed to marry the the use of urban spaces by citizens while at the same time succeeding in the goal of giving the city its own, unique image. Until a few decades ago, telephone booths were very common, while today, in their place, stations for bicycles are increasingly frequent, even equipped with batteries for recharging electric vehicles.


Even the benches in corten and wood from the same collection are characteristic elements of the project: they allow you to admire the landscape during pleasant moments of rest. These elements of street furniture are also often found on the sidewalks and facades of some buildings just like in the case of our installation.

In an urban furniture project, intended as the creation of squares, cycle and pedestrian paths, parks, equipped areas, etc., the installation of waste bins cannot be missing. Our collection has lent itself very well to the urban redevelopment project for the French municipality, offering the Corten steel waste bin from the same collection among the range of furnishings.

A perfect cross between urban design and Made in Italy.

Characterized by a modern style and high quality materials, the Corten steel bin is composed of a central hole for the delivery of waste and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.


Finally we find the TUBE product. The essentiality of this traffic bollard in natural corten steel completes the furnishings. It is a product with an original expressiveness that acts as a post and signpost.

Made of corten steel, it is resistant and does not require maintenance. The element is made up of a single piece of corten steel tubing. The element is fixed by grouting or, on request, by two bolts that are part of the same structure and are inserted into holes previously drilled in the flooring, filled with epoxy resin, quick-drying concrete or similar.‎

The item was delivered assembled and packaged.


The company's mission for this and for future urban redevelopment projects is to continue the fruitful collaboration with architects, landscape architects, lighting designers, urban planners and public administrations to improve urban spaces. The TrackDesign team considers each assignment as a unique undertaking. Design and production collaborate with project managers to achieve the best results by offering support and customizable solutions that incorporate sustainability criteria, high quality aesthetic and functional design in order to meet the most specific needs.

Dress up your spaces with the fascinating natural nuance of corten steel.

The ideal dress to redevelop the outdoor space of your city.