Furniture for the urban sector: how and what to choose

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Guidelines for street furniture projects

arredi per il settore urbano

Attention to man and his relationship with the environment is becoming an increasingly frequent element of discussion. Many architects and designers engaged in urban redevelopment projects are taking an interest in the area and the trend, trying to create a balanced relationship between man and territory.

Urban design objects aimed at common use, are now more than ever able to keep up with eco-sustainable trends, giving citizens an awareness of public spaces, of their value, while at the same time developing a sense of responsibility and the ability to share, favoring so does the meeting, the socialization and the respect.

This article will guide you in choosing your furniture for the urban sector by answering the questions that often arise about the meeting between functionality, aesthetics and durability.

Urban furniture between aesthetics and functionality

arredi per il settore urbano

Aesthetics and function of urban furnishings must be inseparable objectives in an urban redevelopment project, so the furnishing elements become the connective of the different city areas. In any design, different aspects related to the city and its inhabitants must be evaluated so as to be able to evaluate the different types of furniture to be proposed.

How to choose furniture for the urban sector

When you start with the choice of urban furnishings, you often ask yourself how to furnish an urban concept, respecting the territory, lighting technology and tradition that have always characterized that particular neighborhood, villa or town.

Any urban redevelopment intervention must be contextualized to the cultural and social environment. We of the TrackDesign group are committed to establishing a real Urban Furniture Plan starting from a study of analytical framework and design lines that acts as a "guide" through which to move and above all to choose.

Our catalog for street furniture therefore allows you to choose materials and above all different concepts, respecting shapes, lines and materials that, contextualized in different environments, are able to give a unique cut to each urban redevelopment project.

The phases of the urban furniture project

fasi del progetto urbano

Design elements or purely functional objects: street furniture are the protagonists of our cities. Without the furnishing of public spaces, the result would be an environment that is not very liveable compared to the needs of citizens.

During the phase of choosing the furniture, we must focus on the quality of the same or on the functioning. Thinking of quality, peculiar materials and characteristics immediately come to mind, while thinking of functionality, we can refer to useful elements such as: traffic bollards, steel barriers and public lighting.

The design phases to follow are different: our designer, after carrying out an inspection with a technical and photographic survey, analyzes the problems connected to the area and proposes the improvements that can be made, according to the priorities connected to the problems detected.

1. inspection and survey

2. analysis and priorities

3. design development

The safety of users must also be guaranteed by means of

road signs in steel

• adequate public lighting

Corten steel transit bollards

steel barriers delimiting specific areas

fasi del progetto di arredo urbano

From the point of view of cleaning, there must be steel baskets for the collection, possibly differentiated, of waste.

Further additions can be

• corten steel planters

• natural corten display stands

• notice boards in natural corten

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