AD Loves Puglia studio visit: TrackDesign and the thousand faces of metal

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AD Italia meets TrackDesign, an Apulian company specializing in the creation of metal furniture, which combines experience in the field of engineering with a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic.

AD Italia's journey to discover the Apulian excellence of design stops in Monopoli, at the gates of the Itria Valley. TrackDesign was born as the creative division of KAD3, an engineering consultancy company founded by the Ammirabile family, which has been collaborating with the most important Italian manufacturing companies for about 30 years. The initiative and the desire to experiment of the second generation led to the birth of a company that applies engineering skills to the field of furnishings, made to measure furniture in metal.

The choice of metal as the underlying theme is not accidental, but stems from the company's research and design work on its mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. "Our flagship is corten (a type of multiform steel, with the typical "rust" colour and irregular texture, ed.), But over the years we eventually specialised in the most varied types of metals", such as brass , copper and aluminium, says Antonio Ammirabile, engineer and co-founder of TrackDesign.

TrackDesign offers a wide range of products, from small decorative items to furniture, from cladding panels for partitions to the facades of buildings. "We enjoy offering different and innovative products, in a modern key but respecting traditions", continues Admirable. Tables, coffee tables, chairs, benches, lighting fixtures and furnishings come to life, declining in accurate details and high-quality finishes, such as polished, satin and burnished metals.

TrackDesign's vast catalogue is the result of collaboration with major contract companies specializing in architecture and interior design, and the creativity of international architects and designers who sign the design collections. The company has also become a "talent scouti", always looking for young designers who want to transform their ideas into concrete projects.

The Itria Valley, with its history, traditions and landscapes, constantly feeds the creativity and imagination of TrackDesign, as Admirable tells us. "This land, its warmth, its colors, nature, are a source of inspiration for the design and manufacture of our products".