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The design for mediterranean spring gardens 2018

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In Puglia, the event dedicated to garden design and the latest trends for 2018.

From the 17th to the 20th of May 2018, in the downtown of Bari, is renewed the important garden design fair named : "Mediterranean Spring" which is now in its seventh edition. We from TrackDesign, are proud to announce that this year we will join the event, in collaboration with VIVAI AVERSA .

We are working hard and look forward to host you in our green island and surrender you with the latest trends of exterior design with our stand in Via Argiro, on the corner to Via Dante.

The ultimate garden design will be presented on local territory, but not only. This year, many talented musicians will be called to participate in the event in order to brighten the city with love, making the experience unforgettable.


Visitors will have the pleasure to walk through Via Argiro during the design fair, and will have the opportunity to experience the art of the famous garden designers who are coming to the Apulian capital to show proudly the fruits of their work.


Born from a tenacious idea of the architect Nuccia Rossiello, the exhibition "Mediterranean Spring" aims to disseminate concepts such as Architecture, Green, City, with particular attention to music this year, the main theme of the edition 2018.


Puccini said that “Inspiration is an awakening, a quickening of all man’s faculties, and it is manifested in all high artistic achievements” .


What inspires a piece of design? The inspiration for Puccini is shapeless, fluctuating slightly away from any human preconception. For him the  creation process takes place from within, with a process of subtraction.

It's just getting rid of every dogma that can be activated.

On the other hand, the “Mediterranean Spring” fair proposes a different reflection, always introspective, but more directed to photograph those stimuli that influence garden design.

Is that the music takes inspiration from the visual art or is the visual art that gives inspiration to the music?

This is the topic discussion launched for the 7th edition of this key Spring event and it will elevate garden design to an aesthetic never before seen.


Music will guide visitors through the path spanning the seven blocks following via Argiro which will be filled with impromptu creations of flowers, trees, plants, and outdoor furniture. Music and garden design can be interpreted for different genres and TrackDesign is proud to choose classical music to do so. 


We are waiting for you in our colorful garden to surprise you with our new items and innovations for outdoor living and to pamper you by offering refined reinterpretations of classical musical works.