Corten steel to decorate the garden with style and elegance

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Developed in the thirties for industrial and mechanical uses, corten steel is now an innovative and functional material that finds a particularly interesting use in garden design.

The main feature of corten is that over time it becomes a uniform and resistant rust-colored patina which, in addition to preventing deterioration, confers value and uniqueness to the material thanks to its warm burnished shades, making it particularly suitable for outdoor decor. Among the main advantages that make corten one of the trendiest materials in contemporary architecture we remember:

● Minimum need for maintenance and cleaning

● Non-deformability

● Excellent resistance to weathering

● Extreme versatility and adaptability to various types of processing such as forging, wire drawing, bending, welding

● Lower cost compared to other types of steels

● Eco-friendly: corten is 100% recyclable

Versatile and trendy, corten steel is suitable for the creation of decorative panels, planters for either a minimal and essential or a rich and articulated taste for both indoors and outdoors, fountains, gazebos and decorative panels for outdoors in bronzed shades that blend with the elements of nature outline the spaces creating new geometries in a perfect mix of harmony and style. Its high mechanical resistance, its low need for maintenance and its classic and essential colour scheme make corten one of the most sought-after materials for outdoor projects, where it is often used to create flower beds bordures, pathways, or colour contrasts.

Corten furnishing accessories for a new design in the garden

Durable and resistant to weathering thanks to its ability to protect itself from corrosion, corten is suitable for any type of use and processing, in this way becoming an essential element of outdoor furniture.

Decorative panels for exteriors, decorative plant holders, containers and gazebos in the garden are transformed by the hands of skilled craftsmen into design objects with a timeless charm that add originality and elegance to every garden and terrace. A creatively designed corten flowerpot that fits perfectly into any context is the perfect decorative element to enhance and furnish a large garden without spending a fortune. With a little imagination, in fact, a corten planter allows you to create pathways, contain vegetable gardens, flower beds and give new shape to spaces supporting the compositional and creative needs of the project. A corten gazebo is the protagonist of the exterior architecture, creating a relaxation corner where you can enjoy the garden all year round. It is also the perfect location to receive guests on warm summer evenings.

With an urban and contemporary style, a corten gazebo, thanks to its colour variation, combines perfectly with wood, concrete, and marble, creating an environment with a sophisticated and welcoming aesthetic effect. To manage unevenness and at the same time furnish a large garden, it is possible to create terracing and terraces with decorative sheet metal panels that accompany the slopes and delimit the flat areas where plants and tree species can be planted. Capable of combining durability and aesthetics, the decorative panels for outdoors represent the new language of garden design. Wavy, perforated, folded, laser cut or ironed, the decorative corten panels create new and contemporary spatialities adapting to the new digital processing technique. They take on a functional as well as aesthetic role too, protecting for example from humidity and mold. Loved by the most well-known designers, corten steel is increasingly used for its flexibility and versatility that allows you to create lightweight structures with a reduced thickness and a good degree of insulation and durability that can fit any context.