ZINNIA – the minimal seat by TrackDesign

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The chair has always been considered the architectural element par excellence, the one in which an architect or designer identifies, the calling card of interior design. All this was born from the conception that Morris, British artist and writer, gave of the object, in the everyday conception, passing through the Bauhaus idea, in the conception of being recognized as authority through the possession of one's own chair (or armchair) .
The seat has become a status symbol, a clear representation of social power, thanks also to the Arts & Crafts movement, supported by the push of art nouveau, which traced the fundamental passage in the history of interior design.
"The chair is a very difficult object to design. Anyone who has tried to design one knows this. There are endless possibilities and many problems: the chair has to be light, it has to be sturdy, it has to be comfortable. It's almost easier to build a skyscraper than a chair."

Mies van der Rohe stated in a Time article in February 1957.
In TrackDesgin we had the desire, or almost the need, to create a product that represented us in a more performing way, just like a chair could do.

And it is in this moment that ZINNA was born, made with a metallic finish, and it is the result of the perfect fusion between form and minimalism. Expressive power of metal, interpreted thanks to engineering and artisan techniques that make it the protagonist of contemporary atmospheres with timeless charm.
''The chair is the emblem of the evolution of living''

The chair, ZINNIA, represents a unique and important piece of furniture, a fusion of form and function that is both intimate and public. The goal is to create not only aesthetic factors but also a representation of oneself to whoever owns it; the thin and defined lines outline a strong but elegant structure, the lightness of the structure blends with the solidity of the seat, guaranteeing functionality and modern and essential aesthetics, a mild but disruptive object, an element that does not go unnoticed but at the same time welcomes confidentiality.
The name helps in the creation and, in fact, La Zinnia was born, a rustic plant, very resistant, which does not require specific care and, therefore, very easy to grow. In the language of flowers, perhaps precisely for this reason, its meaning is "simplicity", simplicity and durability, design and refinement.

Zinnia is expressive comfort in a seat.