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TrackDesign deals with technical consultancy, design and production.
The company is made up of industry professionals specialized in 3D modeling, who operate through advanced parametric design software.
In Track, ideas aimed at tailor-made creations of "special" objects in steel are designed.

tracku.jpgTrackU – urban style spaces comes to life from the idea of dedicating a space entirely to urban furniture, in the continuous search for design paradigms that lead to the definition of steel furniture concepts, capable of representing the strength of metal by offering robust solutions, such to be efficient in outdoor environments.

The predominant use of steel was then combined with sustainable structures such as wood, stone and other materials with a strong aesthetic impact, creating contrasts and a pure and original expression of the soul of the project.

TrackU standards are based on a key thought: today the quality of life in built-up areas is measured by the comfort and usability of the various services made available to the citizen. Street furniture has a fundamental importance in offering citizens a series of solutions that make daily life more pleasant, simple and obviously more practical.


Cor-ten is a faithful ally of the TrackU conceptual system, both for its high mechanical and structural performance, and for the distinctive characteristic of the typical rust colour. During the natural oxidation process, corten steel tends to change from a lively and intense rusty red to a warmer, warmer shade. The treatments are carried out through oxidation and surface finishing in a controlled environment for the natural patina formation process.

Corten constructions for street furniture are designed to adapt to the needs of municipalities and public administrations that need to find new street furniture solutions that allow:

• make the appearance of the external areas more pleasant on the basis of specific needs and problems encountered;

• encourage the use of public goods through interventions aimed at improving the aesthetics of the area in full compliance with the regulations in force in terms of urban furnishings;

Urban furniture represents a factor of fundamental importance in the works of improvement of public works such as squares, cycle and pedestrian paths, parks, equipped areas, etc.

Aesthetics and functionality must be key and inseparable objectives of design and urban furniture becomes the connective tissue of the different urban areas, to guarantee good furniture design in the quality of life of the city.

Street furniture outlines cities, this allows us to demonstrate one of the reasons why the design of the city must have particular attention to the quality of the seats or the functioning of the bollards for optimizing the traffic and for all those elements that accompany us in the newspaper.

The project phases are different: the designer carries out an inspection with a technical survey of the state of affairs, analyzing the problems involved in the area of interest and begins with the proposition of improvements that can be made, according to the priorities connected to the problems identified .

Once the site has been studied, the project is banned for the construction of areas that have safety and reliability as priorities

Street furniture by TrackU. All products can be custom made according to specific customer requests.