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The Italian Chamber of Commerce for the United Arab Emirates kicks off the project that sees our company as the protagonist, TrackDesign, in an exciting one-year journey, guaranteeing our presence also in the foreign, Arab market.
Dubai, the glitzy and luminous city of the United Arab Emirates, is known for the construction of tall and brilliant skyscrapers that seem to rise from the ground piercing the sky, higher and higher. All this is in line with the spirit of the city, on the edge of constant change, constantly in search of innovation, discovery and progress; therefore it is often considered the glamorous metropolis par excellence, built out of thin air.

Corten is a revolutionary material that is changing outdoor construction in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates. Fascinated by the alloy process, which stands the test of time and creates an attractive rust-like patina without the need for painting. This, over time, quickly becomes one of the most sought after materials for construction projects in Dubai and around the world.

This topic is so interesting that the Al Faya Lodge was born in Dubai, located at the foot of Mount Alvaah and immersed in the desert of the United Arab Emirates, near the first petrol station in the country; hotels of the Sharjah Collection, a group of boutique hotels and ecological shelters located in key locations in the Arab Emirate of Sharjah, the work of architect Jonathan Ashmore and his studio ANARCHITECT..
Corten steel is the absolute protagonist of the project, enhancing the new joints and thus establishing a temporal hierarchy between old and new. Jonathan Ashmore, director of the study, comments: ”The desert environment is characterized by a sweltering summer heat and intense and prolonged solar exposure: these are important factors to consider when designing the shape and mass of the building, as well as in the selection phase of suitable and resistant materials. Desert sites are not only exposed to sunlight but also to all types of weather: driving rain, sandstorms and low night temperatures. The buildings in local stone or concrete have a thermal mass capable of counteracting the sudden changes in temperature caused by these extreme conditions. Cladding materials such as Corten steel and secondary structural materials such as robust hardwoods and aluminum have been used to lend sophistication to the design, particularly for the overhanging roofs, shading elements and terraces raised above the sand level.”

Inspired by the overwhelming atmosphere that emerges from a city such as Dubai, but also Abu Dhabi, certain of bringing out with our work the values that distinguish TrackDesign, seriousness and professionalism, but above all the continuous desire to experiment, we strongly believe in this project and we are proud to have been selected with other Italian companies.