Parks of human history

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In the article "The Parks of Human History" in the Archeological Landscape section present in the number 47 of Paysage Topscape of 2022 we talk about TrackDesign and the COR-TEN

TOPSCAPE is the international magazine dedicated to contemporary landscape, in just a few years it has conquered the important role of being among the most prestigious publications in the field of contemporary landscape design, with an important international distribution.

This article analyzes the restoration project carried out for the "Park of the history of Man - Rock civilization and prehistory".

The design is the work of the design studio "FèRiMa" architects Fernando & Riccardo Russo FèRIMa. Among the various interventions carried out for Matera European Capital of Culture 2019, this project is inserted, enhancing an area of great cultural, historical and landscape value.


Specifically, a series of specific interventions were carried out, which took place within the vast Archaeological Historical Natural Park of the Rupestrian Churches. To carry out many of these interventions was TrackDesign , a company specializing in the processing of COR-TEN steel and other metals.

The COR-TEN steel lends itself perfectly to the redevelopment of archaeological parks, in fact, thanks to its chromatic characteristics, with warm tones, rich in shades, similar to natural materials such as wood, it communicates with the landscape and the stone of Materana.


The works created by TrackDesign were:

• The bicycle racks, made up of a series of shaped sheets and placed side by side, allow users to reach the park by bike and then store it safely, promoting sustainable mobility.

• The gates, are placed to close the entrances and openings of the rock churches, are in close contact with the stone, generate suggestive color contrasts.

• The handrails and walkways are composed in a simple way, by uprights and orthogonal crosspieces, thanks to a simple structure and the characteristics of COR-TEN, these objects are able to little affect the sacredness of the surrounding environment, at the same time , allow visitors to move around the park's paths in complete safety.

• The filiform supplementary signage, which helps visitors find their way around the park, is made up of vertical signage elements, which remind us of totems, children of a past civilization that integrate perfectly into the surrounding environment.

• The observational toposcope is a hemicycle structure, equipped with infographic panels. This informative semicircle allows a full experience of cultural and multisensory enrichment, in fact, one benefits from the informative reading, remaining within the landscape and having the splendid skyline of Matera as a background.







Fonte: FèRIMa