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The 2023 design is a hymn to colours, nature and materials. Corten is a particular type of material, with a "worn" and rusty effect, given by the natural corrosion of its surface.

This material, previously born in industrial environments, is currently used by engineers, designers and architects as a unique design element. The latter guarantees a 30% improvement in mechanical properties, making a comparison with traditional steel.

The effect obtained from the processing is that of a burnished surface, with different chromatic nuances that cause variations in tone due to time and exposure to the external environment.

The characteristic color deriving from the natural oxidation of the surface, the material that comes to life and protects itself, makes everything a perfect union with the environments; in the exteriors it manages to mix and embrace the earth, the wood, in a perfect union of integration between architecture and landscape.

Cor-ten is a faithful ally of the Trackdesign conceptual system, both for its high mechanical and structural performance, and for the distinctive feature of the typical rust colour. In fact, during the natural oxidation process, the corten then tends to change from a lively and intense rusty red until it reaches a better and warmer shade. The treatments are carried out through oxidation and surface finishing in a controlled environment for the natural patina formation process.


For the line of tables, Lila is the steel outdoor furniture inspired by the oval shape of a leaf. The design is sophisticated. A corten table leg is inspired by the bent stem of a leaf that rests on the surface of the top designed with thin and stylized ribs. Lila approaches the beauty of nature and integrates harmoniously with it, giving a touch of personal elegance to the open spaces of the garden.

Playing everything on nuances and engravings, the LILA line places Corten at the center of its decorative reflection. The most faithful is the Lila chair, with an essential design. The corten chair reproduces the geometry of a delicately bent leaf. The seat is minimal and light. Ideas, experiments, inventions and relationships are the vital part in the process of creating and producing furniture.

Each element propagates stories of life, sociality and sharing, narrating new concepts of functionality, comfort and relationship with space, translating emotions, giving shape to visions, through interpretations that combine beauty and design freedom.



This is clearly understood by Music, which comes to life from the image of the cello. Chairs and tables are characterized by the reproduction, in the contours, of a cello case, which is projected onto the surfaces outlining its shape with the contours. Music praises the beauty of stringed instruments and gives a touch of harmony to interiors and exteriors.