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For our company, TrackDesign, metal is the protagonist of furniture, thanks also to the success it has had in the wake of some interior trends that have made it its distinctive brand.
Metal is, first of all, a versatile material, which can therefore be used both in the creation of furniture and also in the manufacture of accessories and furnishing accessories.
Among the many advantages offered by the use of metal as the first choice of furniture, there is certainly the wide possibility of colors and finishes of every type and mixture; wear resistance; a small footprint and, last but not least, the touch of unusual class, but always extremely refined and elegant.
For example: Corten, copper or wrought iron outline the most vintage-inspired furnishings thanks to the rustic soul, which can be enhanced by the combination of colors that recall the earth. With gray the effect is decidedly urban, loft, which means that they are materials also suitable for furnishing industrial-style environments.
Brass is more modern, reminiscent of gold in an opaque version. It becomes a perfect compromise that enhances modern and contemporary environments and gives a verve to darker and more intense colours. The delicate light of gold is suitable for classical contexts, while the warmth of bronze gives an even more gritty soul to the ethnic style.
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Puglia blends into the furnishings in a stone tile creation with metal inlays

We have always dedicated ourselves to the creation of innovative products, conceived with eco-sustainability criteria and designed and conceived starting from refined design research that assists the artisanal attention to detail at the forefront of the most refined production techniques to promote the prestige of true Made in Italy, combined with the Apulian nature that shapes our thoughts starting from the land.

In TrackDesign the idea of creating tiles for indoor and outdoor coverings was born through the use of Apricena stone, i.e. a limestone extracted in Puglia on the slopes of the Gargano, in the area between Apricena, Lesina and Poggio Imperiale, creating a combination with metal worked in elegant and innovative graphics, which offer a different range of finishes.

We always push ourselves beyond the boundaries of our now refined experience in metalworking, to encourage and guarantee an ever-new offer to the end customer, who will be able to discover the use of different materials in combination with each other.

We offer our customers, architectural firms, interior decorators, designers but also private individuals, a vast range of made in Italy products with the addition of this latest innovation of stone tiles. The idea is to leave room for creativity and create one-of-a-kind furnishing projects.

The stone tile has the particularity of being available in numerous colours, shapes, appearances and finishes and can be used in interiors, in dry rooms as well as in humid ones.

The stone will bring a natural and relaxing environment to your home.