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Metal frames are an increasingly popular solution for those looking for resistant, elegant and modern windows and doors. These are structures made of steel, aluminum or metal alloys, which support glass or insulating panels, and which delimit the openings of doors and windows.
They are distinguished by some peculiar characteristics, which make them suitable for different living and architectural contexts. Among these, we can mention:

• Resistance: metal is a very robust and durable material, which does not deform, break or deteriorate easily. Metal frames are able to withstand high loads, impacts, atmospheric and corrosive agents, guaranteeing a long useful life.
• Security: metal is difficult to force or cut, offering good protection against break-ins and intrusion attempts. The windows can be equipped with locks, anti-burglary systems and shatterproof glass, to increase the level of security.
• Aesthetics: versatile and refined, metal lends itself to drawing the design, with clean and minimal lines. Metal frames can have different shades and finishes, adapting to different architectural styles,
• Functionality: metal is a light and easy-to-handle material, which allows the creation of various types of fixtures, sliding, swing, folding, bottom-hung, etc. They are easy to open and close, and are equipped with automated or remote-controlled opening systems, for greater convenience.
Metal window frames offer various advantages, both from a practical and aesthetic point of view. Among these, we can list:
• Energy saving: metal is a material that has good thermal conductivity, but which can be insulated with special treatments or with the addition of insulating materials, such as wood or PVC. Metal frames, if well insulated, can help reduce heat loss and maintain a constant temperature inside the home, with consequent savings on energy consumption and bills.
• Reduced maintenance: metal does not require particular care or maintenance interventions, other than periodic cleaning with specific products. They do not discolour, do not chip, do not swell or mould, and maintain their characteristics over time.
• Customization: it can be worked in various ways, to create tailor-made fixtures, based on the customer's needs and preferences. Metal frames can have customized shapes, sizes, colors and finishes, to best adapt to the style and personality of the home.

Although they have many advantages, they also have some defects, which can represent negative choice factors for some customers. Among these, we can mention:
• The high cost: rather high cost, both for its quality and for its workmanship. Metal frames are more expensive than those made of wood, PVC or aluminium, and require a greater initial expense. However, the cost can be amortized over time, thanks to energy savings and reduced maintenance.

Metal frames are a solution of quality, resistance, elegance and modernity, which can enhance any type of home, guaranteeing good energy savings, reduced maintenance, high customization, but also a high cost.
To choose the metal frames best suited to your needs, we recommend contacting professionals in the sector who can offer qualified advice and a free quote.