Corten indoor furnishing ideas: how to enhance environments with oxidized metal

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Corten is a metal alloy that has a characteristic brown patina, due to a controlled oxidation process that makes it resistant to corrosion and atmospheric agents.
This material, created for industrial and architectural uses, has also conquered the world of furniture in recent years, thanks to its ability to create chromatic and material contrasts with other environmental elements. In fact, corten lends itself to different indoor furnishing solutions, both for modern and classic environments, and for residential and commercial spaces.

Let's see some ideas for enhancing interiors with Corten, taking inspiration from the proposals of our brand, an Italian company specialized in the creation of metal furniture and accessories with a Made in Italy design.

• Corten walls: Corten can be used to entirely or partially cover the walls, creating a scenographic and welcoming effect. Corten pairs well with white, grey, black and natural colours, such as wood and stone. You can choose between different finishes, such as natural Corten, burnished Corten, brushed Corten or antique Corten, depending on the desired effect.
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• Corten tables: Corten can be used to make dining, living room, study or work tables, with different shapes and sizes. Corten gives the tables a robust and refined appearance, which adapts to different furnishing styles. An example is the Leggero table by TrackDesign, which has a corten sheet metal structure with minimal thicknesses, which creates the illusion that the support surface is floating in space.

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• Corten accessories: Corten can also be used to create furnishing accessories, such as lamps, clocks, mirrors, vases, frames, sculptures or paintings. Corten gives these objects a unique and original personality, which makes them real design elements. An example are the Hearts by TrackDesign, Corten planters or plant holders, available in different sizes, which can be hung or placed, to give a romantic and elegant touch to the rooms.

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Corten is therefore a versatile and fascinating material, which can enrich interiors with its natural and material beauty.