Brass in furnishings: a touch of class and warmth

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Brass is a metal alloy composed of copper and zinc, which has a golden yellow color and a brilliant shine.

Brass is a material widely used in furnishings, both for its resistance to corrosion and deformation, and for its elegance and refinement. In fact, it lends itself to creating furnishing accessories and decorative details that enrich and enhance environments with their warm and sophisticated glow.
Brass is a versatile material, which adapts to different styles and trends. It can be polished or satin, smooth or hammered, vibrated or nickel-plated, golden or bronzed, but above all it can be combined with different materials, such as wood, glass, marble, velvet, leather and used to make furniture, lamps, mirrors, frames, handles, taps, vases, cutlery and much more.

It is an ecological material, thanks to the possibility of complete recycling and is also resistant over time, thanks to its excellent resistance to corrosion, it is, in short, a "must" in the artisan tradition for the creation of furnishing products of all kinds and not solo.

To furnish using brass, there are some tips to follow to obtain a harmonious and classy result. First of all, you need to carefully measure the amount of brass to use: too little could go unnoticed, too much could be cloying. The ideal is to choose some focal brass elements that contrast with the rest of the furniture, creating points of light and attracting the eye. Furthermore, you need to choose the color and finish of the brass carefully based on the style and tone of the environment. For example, polished brass fits well with a modern and minimalist style, while satin or bronzed brass goes well with a vintage or rustic style. Golden or chrome-plated brass is perfect for a glam or chic style, while hammered or vibrated brass is ideal for an ethnic or boho style.
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Finally, careful cleaning and maintenance of brass is essential to preserve its beauty and durability. In fact, brass tends to blacken over time due to oxidation. To clean brass you can use specific products on the market or natural remedies such as ketchup, lemon juice or a mixture of vinegar, salt and flour. Abrasive wheels or soft cloths can be used to polish brass. To protect it, a protective transparent varnish is applied.

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Brass furniture is a style choice that gives personality and charm to domestic environments. Brass is a material that can be both classic and modern, sober and elegant, warm and welcoming. Brass is a material that knows how to amaze and enchant with its golden reflections.