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We have decided to launch a strong, precise, descriptive message of what we are today, how we have become what we are, but above all the values that lead us to create and offer top quality products and services, keeping pace with technological innovations, but never forgetting the land of origin.
ARTIGIANATO.jpgThe spot ''A tale of Apulian craftsmanship and land'' is explained very well by the poem, written first hand, by Nonna Teresa:

"Sembe i mistre de Fasciäne
A belle belle i tutti a mäne
Ane creäte cause de valaure
Ca alla terra our daume honors
I picked up slowly
Landscapes are embellished

"Always the craftsmen in Fasano
Slowly and all by hand
They created things of value
Who give honor to our land
And so slowly the landscape is embellished
In the uniqueness of the process, the fundamental values are those present in the functionality and aesthetics, but also in the adaptive action of a product tailored to those who request it, a coherent interaction capable of generating understanding between the search for technological innovation and the ability productive . The idea is to increase the characteristics of the metal through a vision that is inspired by and does not give up the memory of the land where it comes to life, Puglia, creating a cultural path that focuses on the aesthetic as well as the functional value, of the metal.
Puglia has always been a source of great inspiration for us. Water is one of the natural elements, typical of Puglia, with an inestimable and fundamental value in our production processes, in the cutting process by means of the Waterjet machine; the cut is obtained by the compression exerted by a continuous flow of water, shot at very high pressure from a concentrated nozzle and mixed with very fine abrasive granulate, on the metal structure which begins to crumble as a final effect. The power of the jet performs a disruptive action while the abrasive, contained in it and fired at very high speed, cuts the material to be cut.
Stone becomes an important coefficient, the history it brings with it leads us to want to create a perfect marriage between corten and stone, in the creation of design elements with an unmistakable and unique style.

The naturalness of corten takes up the primary essence of our land, recalling the tradition of a simple material which at the same time adapts to continuous atmospheric transformations. The peculiarity of this material also lies in the uniqueness of whoever owns it, corten continues its modification process, if natural, becoming a unique element of its kind.

Always an eye on innovation, always a hand in craftsmanship.

Discover our values: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgjYtsTKxHA