Varesè. The Corten steel bench, made by TrackDesign, colors the city of Varese. - TrackDesign

Varesè. The Corten steel bench, made by TrackDesign, colors the city of Varese.

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In the city of Varese, Corten steel adorns with flair the little San Lorenzo’s square. In occasion of the Varese Design Week 2018, TrackDesign, realises and offers to the municipality and people, the Varesè bench, designed by Gianni Magnolia.

From a Gianni Magnolia’s idea, Varesè is an urban decor piece which will be competing amongst 10 more participants in the contest’s final: “Progettare una panchina” (“projecting a bench”) announced by the Wareseable association in 2017 and selected by TrackDesign to broaden its Corten items online catalogue. Either the shared idea and love towards this multiform steel, have permitted TrackDesign, Varese’s city and Wareseable to tie up and begin collaborating closely. Thanks to nearing each other, the designer from Sanremo, Magnolia have been awarded for his creativity, collocating the bench permanently in Varese.


Prototype of the Varesè bench in the workshop of TrackDesign.


The starting event, scheduled on the 12th of April at 11.30 am at the S.Lorenzo square, witnesses a surging intention by the municipality to launch a revitalization process of urban spaces. TrackDesign, with its donation, addresses a strong approving message about urban regeneration intervents. “For us, aware and sensible on topics like sustainability and innovation”, this is an opportunity to push young designers in proposing themselves to such businesses believing in their ideas’ worth and creating partnerships aiming to turn smart ideas into reality.

We’ve met the architect Laura Sangiorgi, one of the founders of the Wareseable Association, for a short interview.

TD. The Wareseable spirit is all woman. Is this a partnership that has been lasting for a long time or this project has made you meet up?

The third edition of VareseDesignWeek is all female this year. We are four very different women and I think this is our strength: the President is Nicoletta Romano, journalist and director of the magazine Living is Life, the journalist Silvia Giacometti, the designer Silvana Barbato and myself, the architect and color consultant. We are interested in design, architecture and art, despite the difficulties that can be encountered during the organization of the event that involves so many professional figures and realities of the territory to create cultural synergies in our city.

TD. VareseDesignWeek 2018 edition theme is “Colorful Design”. How have you come up with the idea of focusing all on the colour ?

Within our group there are different professionals, me as well as an architect and also a color consultant, and there is Silvana who is an interior designer. So the attention to this topic as far as we are concerned is always present. In this period of the year we desire to renew, color and able to excite. So to think about the color and the light seemed to all of us the best theme for this year. The color, also intended as matter and the light underlines the emotional side of the design object and this seems to us an interesting and different point of view.

TD. In this three years you have met young designers, sectorial professionals, businesses. What have they been your main initiatives in building relations between each part involved?

This is the second year that we have as an important partner the Torsellini, glass company, that is setting up the structure: "glass emotion bridge" of iron and glass, thanks to the support and sharing of work with many local companies. We also maintain synergy with the well-known Brand in the design world "Rossi d'Albizzate", an important reality in furniture production. There are many companies, which are excellent on the territory, that support us, and many from the first edition, without which we could not been capable to organize the VareseDesignWeek. If I need to name a few : for example Croci spa, Caielli and Ferrari, Telmotor, Keim, Wall & Decò. Every year we organize conferences and thematic meetings thanks to which we know many professionals in the sector and with whom we stay in touch. Many of them participate in various editions every year collaborating in a different way. Last year we also had two artists from Monza: R.Spadea and F.Terrabuio and others from the Milan area.

TD. In the last years, in different big Italian cities, they have been developed other realities associated to the most important design week in the Italian and international landscape, “Il Salone del Mobile”. VareseDesignWeek, has reached the third edition by now, how does it stand out from the other soaring events? What are the future objectives?

VareseDesignWeek does not wish to become an emulation of Milan, but want to invest in the research of the thematic events and synergies first of all in its territory: Thanks to the support of the Municipality, the Province and the Chamber of Commerce the objective is to create and open a dialogue with those who are interested to promote the design and with curiosity also to look beyond what we have around us.