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The weathering steel
of the steel family.

Cor+Ten steel (CORrosion resistance + TENsile strength) was patented in 1933 by an American Company and it is appreciated for the high mechanical and structural performance. Corten has conquered the greatest artists, architects and designers all over the world.

The favourite steel for the realization of daring works that seem distant in time ensuring stainless beauty.

Original for its typical and irregular “rust” colouring and for its changing appearance.

Thanks to the natural oxidation process, Corten forms a surface patina allowing it to resist meteorological conditions. Therefore, this steel protects itself from corrosion.

In the oxidation period, the metal releases the oxide powder stopping being produced over time. The oxides apply the patina on the surface by making it porous and irregular, rough to the touch and “crisp” at the sight.

The multifaceted material colouring during passivation is appreciated. It ranges from the intense and bright rusty red to a dark warm tone.

Once stabilized, Corten will be ready to win the challenge against time.