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FAQ - Doubts, questions and useful contacts.

1. Account, Newsletter and TrackPromo
2. Orders, coupons and shipments
3. Returns and Claims
4. The seriousness of TrackDesign
5. Technical Problems

1.Account, Newsletter and Trackpromo

1.1 Newsletter

1.11 Is the subscription to the newsletter free?
Yes, subscribing to our newsletter is absolutely free and does not imply any obligation to purchase. It gives you the opportunity to be up-to-date on promotions, launch of new brands and designers and the world of TrackDesign.

1.12 How do I change the newsletter settings or disable it?
You can make the changes by clicking on the "Disconnect" button at each newsletter. After signing up, you will not be updated on our exclusive promotions. For questions and assistance, write to customercare@trackdesign.net

1.2 Account settings

1.21 What do I do if I forget my password?
No problem: Choose the option "Forgot my password?" From the Sign In window. You will receive an email link to safely set up your new account password (if you do not receive our email immediately, check the Promotions tab of your inbox). For questions or assistance, write to customercare@trackdesign.net, our customer service will respond in a very short time.

1.22 How can I change my email address?
To change the email address associated with your profile on TrackDesign, enter your Account page through the icon at the top right of the home page, select "My Data" and proceed by selecting the "Edit" button. After entering the new email address, confirm your choice by clicking the "Save" button.

2. Orders, Coupons and Shipment

2.1 Order and payment management

2.11 How do I place an order on TrackDesign?
Sort on TrackDesign is a matter of a few clicks. After selecting all the products you want, go to the Shopping Cart via the icon on the top right, review the items you've added and click on the "Get Ready" button. Do not worry: you will still be able to modify the inserted products or change ideas until the end of the purchase process. In order to continue with the order you need some data, including the shipping address and, if you want to invoice, the tax code or VAT ID: make sure you have everything at your fingertips. At this stage, choose whether to save your data for future purchases or proceed without registering. Remember, in this second case, you will not be able to redeem any discount coupon in your possession or select the payment method by bank transfer. Once you have entered your information and entered the coupon, select the payment method you prefer: make sure you have your credit card details and SecureCode code provided by your bank. By clicking the "Buy Now" button, your order will be completed and you will receive a confirmation email. If you have selected the bank transfer method, you will be sent a second email with payment details (if you do not receive our email immediately, check also the Promotions tab of your inbox). For TRACKPROMO section promotions, we recommend completing the purchase process quickly because items added to the cart are not automatically reserved.

2.12 How can I modify or delete my order?
Once you've completed your order, you will not be able to change it again. That is why we recommend that you review the articles you are purchasing before proceeding with the payment. If you want to cancel your order or part of it, write to customercare@trackdesign.net. Remember that the cancellation can not be made if the order has already been shipped: in this case, you must activate the reset procedure.

2.13 What are the payment methods available?
You can pay your order by - credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) - prepaid card - bank transfer * - PayPal. In the case of credit card payments, we advise you to have the SecureCode code provided by your bank to speed up your purchase. In the case of a bank transfer payment, you will receive all the information in a specific email, in which you will be asked to send a copy of the payment note to customercare@trackdesign.net. * To use the payment method by bank transfer, you must already be registered on our site or purchase as "New Customer". Security is always a priority for TRACKDESIGN, so your information will always be protected by the latest and up-to-date technologies.

2.14 How do I request the invoice?
To request the invoice of your order, select the "I want invoice" box that you find on the data entry page before payment. Fill in the appropriate field by entering your tax code or VAT code and then proceed to the payment method selection. Remember that you will not be able to request the invoice once the payment has been made and completed the order. The invoice will be sent to you by email after the delivery of the order.

2.15 Where can I check the status of my order?
To check the status of your order, sign in to your Account page at the top right of the home page and select "My Orders". Here you can see a list of all your orders and monitor the processing phase for the ones in progress. We will notify you of the order 24 / 48h before it is made, with a notification to the email address indicated at the time of purchase.

2.2 Coupon

2.21 How can I use a discount coupon?
The coupon discount is a unique code that can only be used once, on a single order. To enter the code and get a discount, you must already be registered on our site or purchase it as "New Customer". Doing a checkout without signing up will in fact not allow you to use your coupon. Remember also that coupons are neither cumulative nor usable in combination with a TRACKPROMO.

2.22 What is the validity of a coupon?
Coupons may be subject to date and / or minimum order restrictions based on the promotion for which they are activated. However, these conditions are always reflected in the terms of the specific promotion.

2.3 Shipments and deliveries

2.31 How much is shipping?
Shipment is free in Italy for all orders. For bulky or non-standard orders, an extra cost is payable, which will be quantified based on the nature of the products purchased and the destination area. However, the extra amount will always be communicated before the end of the order. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to write to customercare@trackdesign.net. When purchasing from outside the EU, customs clearance costs could be added.

2.32 2.32 How long will my order evade?
The delivery times of an order depend on the type and availability of the items you have chosen. On the tab of each product, as well as at checkout of the order, you can find an estimated delivery time. Some products can be put into production specifically for your order, so delivery times will be determined by the production service. Products marked with "Ready Delivery" "are available in the warehouse. In this case, the order will normally be processed in the following 72h. We remind you that bank transfer requires 48h of additional verification. If your order includes items with different delivery times, a single shipment will be made, the escalation times will be reported at checkout before payment. To shorten waiting times, we recommend, where possible, to make separate orders by merging products with similar delivery times. If your order includes items that require special attention during transportation, we will contact specialist couriers whose delivery times may vary from the standard times stated. We will be careful to ensure the best possible service and to activate a direct line between you and the courier who will deliver the delivery. TrackDesign is committed to meeting estimated delivery times and reported on the site. However, if there are any unforeseen events in production or evasion, you will always be notified promptly by the TrackDesign team. For questions or assistance, write to customercare@trackdesign.net.

2.33 Who cares about shipping my parcel?
Your order will be escaped from our logistics service and delivered via the best couriers available on the market, who will send you an email with the tracking number as soon as your order is entrusted to them. In the case of shipments requiring special attention during transport, specialty couriers will be used, who will make a telephone service notice to arrange with you on delivery.

2.34 Can I request a shipment outside Italy?
Of course, TrackDesign ships all over the world. Indicates the country of destination during the purchase process, or send a request to customercare@trackdesign.net indicating the destination area and we will provide you with all the information you need. Remember that some international shipments provide for the payment of customs charges, which will be yours. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to write to customercare@trackdesign.net.

2.37 What should I do at the time of delivery of my order?
We recommend that you always check your order at the time of delivery. Verify that the number of packages corresponds to what is indicated in the delivery bubble, as well as checking the integrity of the packs and any signs of abnormalities or abnormalities with respect to the integrity of the contents. In the case of anomalies, indicate the "Accepted Acceptance" on the carrier delivery note at the time of signature and write to customercare@trackdesign.net with details of the delivery. We remind you that you have 7 days from the receipt of your order to report any inaccuracies and make a complaint. In addition to this deadline, in fact, we will no longer be able to accept neither complaints nor reports.

3. Returns and Claims

3.1 How can I contact you for product assistance?
If you have any doubts or need assistance with purchased products, please contact our customer service by writing to customercare@trackdesign.net. If you want a phone contact, please specify it in your email by entering your contacts: we'll call you back as soon as possible.
3.2 How can I make a return or a replacement and at what times?
If you are not satisfied with your order, you may want to return one or more items. If you have changed your mind on an item or intend to replace it with a different one (if available in stock), the refund will be yours and you will have to proceed with a new order. The items you intend to return must be in original condition, properly packaged and packed. For shipment, use the same cardboard box in which you received your order. If this is not possible, use a safe socket. In the case of a defective or defective product, you can replace it with the same item, if available in stock, or ask for a refund. Contact our customer service by writing to customercare@trackdesign.net within 7 working days from the date of delivery of the order. We will arrange the pick up with our courier and provide you with all the information. In this case, TrackDesign will refund you the cost of the item and will charge shipping charges. Both in the case of voluntary redundancy or non-delivery, please remember to include a copy of the shipping document in the parcel, which will be sent to you by email from our Customer Service and you will need to highlight the returned products and the reason for the made.
3.3 How is the refund?
Returning one or more products will incur a full refund of item cost (s), excluding shipping charges to our warehouse. Only in case of defective or unusual product, TrackDesign will be responsible for all shipping costs. Refund will be made through re-credit based on the payment method you used during the purchase. We will refund you once we confirm the arrival of the parcel at our warehouse.

4. The seriousness of TrackDesign

4.1 Are the products that I find on TrackDesign are original?
Obviously yes: TrackDesign is committed to and participates daily in the fight against counterfeiting and is the official and authorized partner of all products on sale on the site. TrackDesign has privileged relationships with brands, designers and craftsmen. That's why we can guarantee that every product is original. Maximum transparency even on the site.
4.2 Do products that you purchase on TrackDesign have a warranty?
TrackDesign and / or the represented partner manufacturers will, in relation to the products you purchase, submit a legal guarantee of compliance with the terms and conditions set out in Art. 128 and ss. of the Italian Consumption Code. In particular, the rights arising from such a guarantee may be exercised provided that the products have been used properly, due diligence and respect for the intended use and the provisions of the accompanying instructions, and after presentation by the customer of the delivery receipt received with the same and indication of the order number. The costs of returning products due to the exercise of the warranty will be borne by TrackDesign and / or partner manufacturers.
4.3 Can I trust the seriousness of TrackDesign?
TrackDesign devotes great attention to your needs and guarantees you the utmost seriousness and reliability, both in purchasing support and in handling orders and returns. It also undertakes to comply with estimated delivery times and posted on the site. If there are unexpected issues that are not directly dependent on TrackDesign, you will always be promptly advised by the Customer Support team.

5. Technical Problems

5.1 I have technical problems on the site, what can I do?
We want all of our customers to have a great shopping experience, but we know that sometimes they may have some disadvantages. First, make sure that your operating system (Windows 10, Mac OS X, etc.) or your smartphone has the latest upgrades available. If the problem persists, write to customercare@trackdesign.net specifying, if possible:
- your operating system (for example: Windows XP, Mac OS X);
- your internet browser (for example
- your device (for example: computers, smartphones, tablets);
- the description or the screenshot of the error found.

We will reply as soon as possible.