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“Made in Apulia” Design. The most beautiful Apulian Masserie choose Corten

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The bright yellow of the sun, the intense green of the Mediterranean scrub, the blue “painted in blue” of the sea and the white monumentalism of the ancient masserie (large farms).

These colours describe Apulia, destination for tourists from all around the world, fascinated by the beauty of this land. The tourist Apulian structures are more and more attentive to offer dream holidays to the guests to leave a memorable impression of this fascinating region. Among these tourist entrepreneurial realities, Masseria Salamina: it has been standing out for years for its management excellence and the elegance of its spaces. TrackDesign has fitted-out this charming place, with the exclusive design carried out in Corten. The Collections of tailor-designed and made furniture are integrated into the expanse of centuries-old olive trees and the areas of ancient stones of Salamina to frame the beauty of the places. Personalized tables, chairs, benches and furniture for the outdoor use are placed in different areas of the Masseria in Fasano entrusting our staff with the task to tell Corten emotions. TrackDesign has worked with passion and respect towards those places full of history and we are happy to show you the result of the meeting of these two entrepreneurial realities of beautiful Apulia.

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Lila Collection | Particolare del tavolo in Corten personalizzato attraverso tecnologia waterjet che riproduce il logo dell'antica Masseria Salamina.

Lila Collection | Pouf, Tavolino e Divano in Corten | Design Alessandra Savio

farm salamina

Lila Collection | Tavolo e Sedie in Corten

trackdesign corten

opla trackdesign in farm masseria

Oplà | Pouf e Tavolino. Arredo multifunzione in Corten. 

table chairs

chairs table trackdesign

Bee Pattern | Particolare della decorazione in Corten.

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