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Corten, Sustainability and Resistance

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Also called “phosphorus” steel, its chemical composition makes it special for its typical iridescent colouring and resistance over time.
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Corten oxidation process, which is activated naturally, has the function to self-protect its surface. This spontaneous behaviour makes it an “intelligent” material, able to activate natural self-defence processes without any external intervention and without using chemical invasive and toxic processes. We might hazard a comparison and say that, in the same way as a living being, Corten is able to react to external assimilated changes and to adapt to the surrounding environment. The weathering resistance is from five to eight times greater than common carbon steel. That’s why, it is used in the natural state in the architectural applications or where a strong mechanical performance is needed. The favourite steel for the works of art placed in the landscape always well integrated into the nature with harmony and elegance.

Richard Serra | Te Tuhirangi Contour 1999/2001 56 Corten steel plates 252m x 6m x 50mm

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